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Off the Beaten Path
Encore / Aug.-Sept. 2001

Jefferson waller is not your typical on-a-quest, drawing-for-food, traveling artist. Waller is the midst of a cross - country tour to create the world's longest continuous drawing, sketching out two - foot long segments of whatever inspires him on his travels. The drawing is entitled "Finding Nevermore" and the traveling project is as much about creating a work of art as it is an inner journey to find out where he belongs.

Waller's drawing currently stands at over 100 feet, and includes everything from a sketch of Earnest Hemingway's home in Key West to a self portrait of him drawing by flashlight under an overpass. The project started in Disney World, and Waller has plans to visit key landmarks, including Steven King's house in Main, Elvis Presley's Graceland in Tennessee, the San Francisco Bridge and Bruce Lee's tomb in Seattle. His main stops are planned from dreams and visions, while others are just scenes or people he meets along the way.

Waller's quest brought him to Wilmington because Bruce Lee's son, Brandon Lee, died here while filming The Crow.

105 Feet...
Jefferson shows the first 105 feet of Finding Nevermore to Encore Magazine.




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