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Special Note and Post Cards

These cards are all blank inside, so that you can write your own special message. Post cards are the same. All are printed on glossy photo quality paper.

Jefferson only recently started creating these cards for the general public and his fans. Before that, they were only created on special occasions for his son Bruce.

All cards fit legal size envelopes which are included with your order. The colors are vibrant and the detail is immaculate. Send Holiday and Special Occasion Cards to those you love, while also giving them a fantastic piece of Finding Nevermore Art signed by the artist, Jefferson Waller and / or his son Bruce Ray Waller.

Cards are 5 for $18.00 (all the same)
Post Cards are 5 for $15.00 (all the same)

Luckenbach, Texas Christmas

Aussie Christmas

Time Away From Family Christmas


Currently we are not taking orders for cards.

Contact the artist: beyondnevermore@yahoo.com  
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